A small group of travelers sailing through an ocean of tourists.


Ten years ago we started our sister business, Arrivederci Wine & Jazz. It was an oasis located in a vast desert of strip clubs and car lots. And over the years we have made some great friendships and had some amazing trips together (as you can see below). We began to create this group of travelers that year after year sailed the Mediterranian, Caribbean, South Pacific & the great rivers of Europe. We began to see this culture of travelers wanting to travel more, and because of that, our travel partners started to take notice. They started to hear from their cruise staff about how we transformed the culture on board that week. They said that there was a certain "Electric Charge" on board that week, and that they enjoyed our group not only because they're great tippers, (haha), but because we all know how to have a great time. One of the bartenders aksed, "Is this the only time of year you all see eachother (yelling over the bar noise and music)." One of our Yacht Club members responded, "This is how it is at Arrivederci every night!" The bartender looked at me in disbeleif and said, "How do you get to work early the next day?" I responded, "Well.....We don't!"

They not only appreciated the amount of people we were able to put on board, but the quality of the people that were on board. As you can see in the pictures below, we have been blessed to have made some great friendships with some great people.

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