House Cocktails

Old Fashioned
Bulleit Rye whiskey served on the rocks with a muddled sugar cube, cherry & orange & a splash of club soda. 9.00

Moscow Mule
Crater Lake vodka, muddled lime & ginger beer served on the rocks. 8.00

Strawberry Fresco
Citrus vodka & triple sec topped with sprite, lemonade and strawberry purée served on the rocks. 8.00

Blueberry Lemondrop Martini
Blueberry Stoli, fresh squeezed lemon juice, sugar cane syrup & triple sec. 9.00

Beadle Juice Martini
Muddled lemon and sugar, Bombay Sapphire & Pama Pomegranate Liqueur. 9.00

Kristin's Kiss
Monopolova vodka, St. Germain liqueur and grapefruit juice served on the rocks. 8.00

Ruby Margarita
Hornitos Tequilla, triple sec, muddled limes & ruby red grapefruit juice served on the rocks. 8.00

Blue Balls Lemonade
Muddled lime, Bombay Sapphire, and blueberry lemonade served on the rocks. 8.00

Raspberry Lemoncello Martini
Lemoncello liquor, citrus vodka, raspberry purée & house made sour mix. 9.00

Beer On Tap

Stella Artois 5.00

Widmer Hefeweizen 5.00

Seasonal (ask your server) 5.00

Rotating Cider (ask your server) 5.00

Coors Light 4.00 Boneyard IPA 5.00

Pelican Brewery, Tsunami Stout 5.00

Bottled Beer

Newcastle, Brown Ale 4.00

Peroni, Italy 4.00

Omission, IPA (Gluten Free) 4.00

Mirror Pond, Pale Ale 4.00

Blue Moon, Belgium White 4.00

Becks N/A 4.00

Derek Hanneman